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Market based FINTECH solutions
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Send money when it is needed!

move money securely and Fast

Don’t overpay when sending money

Lowering the cost of global remittance.

Industry estimates place the average cost per transaction at 15% of the remitted value, increasing to over 25% for remittances below $100. This cost is driven primarily by the overheads associated with the maintenance and agent incentives of a distribution network.

We use mobile technology and a cloud based remittance platform to significantly lower the cost of remittance. The realized savings are passed on to our customers in the form or lower transaction costs.

Platform based or customised solutions

Each remittance market has its unique needs

Convenience of a mobile application

Adroid and IOS

Instant payouts

Mobile Wallet integrations

Low or no cost transfers

Competitive exchange rates

Analytics, insights, and reporting



How we operate…


Sending money does not have to be a long, expensive, and complicated process. We have worked to simplify this using the convenience of a mobile application. Simplicity does not mean cutting corners – Our product is fast and convenient, while still offering industry leading security and compliance measures..


Send money with the convenience of a mobile Android or iOS application


We employ industry leading encryption and security standards

Customer Focus

The products we offer are tailored to addressing consumer needs


FINCEN registered and licensed in the regions we operate it.

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